August 2020.

Routine Badge

Sent a plan to Pittsburgh Public Schools:

Let's make a Virtual Varsity Club

July 2020.

Tech Fluent badge, clipped

Discussions about helping with the Citiparks campers.

Maximilian Dennison might champion these ideas with his superiors and students.

June 2020.

Dad Hex sign

Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Sign for good luck for new outcomes to unfold in 2020 with this venture with youth in our region.

The City and County's Learn & Earn program for 2020 is going to happen. But, the deadline for workers passed in the first week of June, 2020. Furthermore, the offer on this mini-site is NOT going to occur.

Message from the Executive Director of Partners 4 Work on June 5, 2020

Thank you for your patience with my response. I had a few questions to get answered before connecting back with you. Thank you so much for the time you've taken to think about a meaningful project for Learn & Earn and ways that we can work together. We're interested in exploring this conversation further, but don't think we have the right pieces in place to do something this summer. Could we schedule some time for August to talk through ways to connect for next year or our year-round programming?

Earn & Learn logo

Background for Project-Based-Learning

Coach Mark Rauterkus, executive head coach, provides leadership, content, and methods for these 2020 projects.

  1. Long-time coaching experiences, having led more than 10,000 individuals (children, scholastic, college, adults) in various settings (10-years with college teams, private schools, public schools, faith-based organizations, summer camps). 
  2. Content includes 200+ articles with the International Swim Coaches Association, (webmaster, and more than 100-titles, mostly books, from published books, dozens of quality digital badges and learning management systems.

    Since 2015, with Pgh City of Learning, Coach Rauterkus and his team created more than 20 digital badges as part of PPS Summer Dreamers.
  3. Open-source tools and websites, blended with a crowd-source efforts and online lessons are going to guide employees to productive outcomes. We'll expand existing learning management systems and publish articles, concept maps, illustrations and other communication elements. As skills develop, leadership emerges and interest groups form, the goal is to research, plan and launch an All-City Sports Camp.

The structural model and instructional purpose of prior efforts aligned tightly a fully virtual experience in 2020. Past and present endeavors are going to unlocking additional opportunities, connections among disciplines and direct ties to career pathways. Exposing the students to the knowledge-base economy, eCommerce, coding, cloud-based software services and remote work responsibilities with meaningful outcomes that focus upon sports, fitness and wellness can be empowering.

This evolution for this work pathways welcomes technology, sports and outcomes of both global and local impacts.

Our past investments with allow us to teach 4th and 5th graders about swimming, without swim pools this summer. Go figure.

Ultimately, seeks to use play as a vehicle for increasing technological literacy, leadership skills, and college/career readiness among high school youth.

Learning Objectives for 2020 with Learn and Earn Employees


To owning one's own website, and to contribute in the content creation process with other websites. 


To become exposed to more than a dozen new technology tools, so as to be a more literate digital citizen and communicator. Mastering some or all of these tools is possible, depending upon self interest. Introductory lessons, basic task assignments and help-desk support as well as selected peer presentations for each tool is forthcoming. 


To explore, experience and learn about learning management systems (LMS) including quiz taking and making as well as digital badge pathways.


To collaborate with others within a team remote team of peers to research, problem solve, plan, envision, debate and consider aspects and opportunities of what should be included within the sports and recreational landscape in Pittsburgh. 


To conduct interviews and create summary documents to aid in the the plans, presentations, budgets and possible launch of a new venture, (working title, All-City Sports Camp for 2021). This includes interactions with potential sponsors, co-hosts, coaches, prospective clients and others with a capacity to aid on individual and institutional basis.   

Cornerstones of the Experience

Techie Software


Every student gets to build his or her own website. Sites are hosted at Furthermore, every student gets different roles as student, editor, contributor and designer with other real-world websites (,,



Employees learn, use and come to understand wikis. Our prime wiki playground is at the A For Athlete wiki. It is a staging site for Wikipedia. The philosophy of mass collaboration and lessons of the Cathedral and the Baazar are also important.

Concept Maps

Concept map about athletic teams

We'll build concept maps and use the tool, c-maps. Maps get to be collaboration spaces. Maps are used to review documents. Maps can be connected to each other, forming a bigger web and network of knowledge.


We'll code with LiveCode. We'll do "hello world" on desktop and apps. Community LiveCode is open-source, free and can make double-click applications for iOS, Android, Windows and Macs.
In the cloud, with word press plugins, we'll code with forms with CalderaForms.

Digital Badges, Level 5

In the cloud, learning management systems (LMS), such as LearnDash and Thrive Theme's Apprentice, work as extras for WordPress. Lifelong learners often interact with various LMS sites.

We'll take and make courses, lessons, quizzes, pathways and badges. We'll build upon the library for the International Swim Coaches Association.

Visit the quiz at See the course for kids, Get Your Feet Wet -- Swimming.

Goal Setting digital badges too. 

Publishing Content Partnership with ISCA

ISCA logo

International Swim Coaches Association has its network of members and scientists around the world who can be called upon for assistance as we develop the library, with hundreds of articles.

We'll build up the sites and push for researching an international pools database. 

We'll shape marketing and sales materials for the ISCA shop.

A is for Athlete

Dreamers in classroom

A-B-C books for kids and adults that cover sports terms, vocabulary, in multi-lingual presentations.

Journal writing, emailing contacts around the world, making illustrations and fun books.

S.S.S. (Sports Support Syndicate) logo

Book projects to re-deploy on water polo, triathlon, swimming, volleyball, weight lifting, wellness, fitness, sports psychology, log-books, etc.

More tools to mention....

Notion logo

Loom, Notion, Zapier, Uncanny Automator, Miro, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Jotforms, Carbon Fin Outliner.

Visual tools: Sirv, Cloudinary, Clippingmagic, Gtmatrix. 

Plugins: Woo, Simple WP Sitemap, Yoast.

Web Events: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, YouTube, Google Meet ups, Webinar Jam.

Lifeguard Training Prep, as well as other fitness efforts

Lifeguard patch

Those interested could get certified this summer. Lifeguard online training can get the students ready for the course. More blended content can be issued to the students. 

Eye Candy for efforts of Visual Design, Illustration and Photography

Dad Hex sign

Work with tools such as,, ClippingMagic, Smush, Optimole, Gimp and some 3-D programs.

Stories, Podcasts, Movies, Sports Inspiration

Not Just A Game cover

We'll listen to current events podcasts and discuss important topics of sports in society, also leading upon TED Talks and our own stories shared with Summer Dreamers. Another treasure of stories and lessons to unpack on daily basis come from ISCA partner, Wayne Goldsmith of Australia. Give a listen to a message on confidence.

“When I was about 12-13 years old, in 8th grade, a friend took out a book from the library on Josh Gibson. I saw the book, asked if I could borrow it, and took it home to read. Prior to this I had heard family conversations about Josh Gibson, but really didn’t give it a lot of thought. But now I actually saw a book about him. Something snapped in my brain. From that moment on I wanted to learn as much as possible about Josh Gibson, and I’ve never stopped. It was truly an awakening moment.”

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