Youth workers survey data collected by Univ. of Pittsburgh


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Youth workers could choose multiple options in terms of their worries.

The initial options bunched into academics were: 

  • inadequate resources for online learning, 
  • learning loss,
  • won’t be prepared for next school year, 

Then there are these are are bunched somehow:

  • unstable housing, 
  • food insecurity,
  • no therapeutic services,
  • abusive situations at home,
  • neglectful situations at home,
  • emotional or physical health and wellness,
  • health care, and
  • other, please explain.

Using final 5 categories is a good way to not really listen.

Points to mention with the approach

All the kids will be pretty much in the same boat academically, ...

This program puts kids in different boats. We'll super-charge our boat with some high tech experiences.

doubt that what education is attempted during this will stick.

The efforts we advance in this program will be able to stay with the students beyond the end of the six weeks. If they build a website, they'll be able to sustain it if desired.

 ... educational demands thrown to parents during a stressful time has made life even more stressful for families.

On the job, the parents don't have much say. And, with the job, there are no 'grades.' The pay could help to minimize some of the stress the home.

I worry that our kids are lacking social engagement with their peers and feeling isolated. is going to have group efforts and lots of social engagments. We'll work in virtual teams. We'll pass off materials to edit. We'll do crowd-sourced efforts. aims to get youth engaged meaningfully with the world (physically,
socially, intellectually, locally, internationally) during this time. implications for physical and mental health as well as learning, are large.

Worries, Concerns, Preoccupations for Self (continued) aims to battle against inadequate resources for an online world. aims to shift the students away from limited knowledge of online tools. can attack the work-life balance. is aware of the inadequate staff for summer programming support and hopes present alternatives as others are faced with current hiring freezes for many institution. can aid the range of organizations by presenting large measures of challenges, coverage and supervision to the youth this summer so that the current nonprofit organization can re=address their grants ​funding and staffing costs. is going to be responsible and champion social distancing through the summer.

RAW - Everything below this line should be ignored. Page under develoment.

Personal concerns include unstable housing, food insecurity, no therapeutic
services, abusive situations at home, emotional, physical, social, and mental
health/wellness, access to health care, “fear of contracting COVID-19”, and
missing social interactions.
 “Feeling stressful about going out for say groceries, being fearful about
any small physical discomfort, being stressful about asking for medical
help for anything else”
 “Compassion fatigue – primary and secondary stress”
Other concerns include fear of the unknown and concern for others especially
family and friends.
 “Permanent Industry change that does not reflect my values”

As shown in figure 6, the large majority of youth workers (78%) reported that they were still
being paid fully by their organization and 7% have seen some reduction but were still being

Figure 6: Pay; n=282

Only one youth worker did not respond to this question.
The initial options were: yes, no, yes but not at my regular rate, and was not paid before the COVID-19 pandemic.
Was Not Paid Before
the COVID-19
Pandemic, 4%
No, 11%
Reduction, 7%
Yes, 78%
Of the 19 that reported a reduction in pay, 7 youth workers reported a 10%
reduction. One response to note is: “10% pay decrease for all nonfurloughed staff making under 100k/year”. Another youth worker noted,
“Was furloughed for two weeks until they received a loan to pay us until
June 7th. Then could be furloughed again.”
One youth worker that is still being paid mentioned, “But with constant
pressure that I am not doing enough related to online education. No prior
training and expected to have a full outline of services in 4 weeks.”
Conducting Youth Work
Figure 7 shows youth workers’ reports (from a list of options) of how they were personally
conducting youth work during the pandemic.9
Figure 7: Conducting Youth Work; n=283, 915 data points

Youth workers could choose multiple options. Responses that were initially selected as “other” were sorted in to one of initial option categories,
unless the youth worker already selected the corresponding category, or stayed in “other”.
0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%
Percentage of Youth Workers
Conducting Youth Work (continued)
The youth workers providing both online and offline activities, 76% and 25%
respectively, were using Facebook live/Zoom/Google Hangouts for art, dance,
STEM lessons, story time, mailing/dropping off activity packets, and virtual
mental health consultation.
 “Instead of leading a planned hike outdoors, I took photos and shared that
with the volunteer coordinator to include on social media and in upcoming
newsletter I also offered to do videos of hikes to share the same content”
The 65% of youth workers planning for after the pandemic were “cleaning our
areas of the building”, “working on summer programming and finishing school
year programming”, and “developing hybrid resources for continuation of
pandemic-limited programming in Fall 2020”.
Thirty-eight percent of youth workers in the sample were reaching out which
includes reaching out to both young people and their families.
 “Helping family units more and understanding and getting to know them
Other responses:
 “Change in my role within the organization since I can’t reach much of the
 “Trying to help organization survive financially through grants, new
revenue streams, coordinating/rescheduling/refunding cancellations”

Pay and C

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