Virtual Varsity Club


  • We hold virtual discussions,
  • do digital projects,
  • build team playbooks,
  • document exercise routines,
  • craft sport team culture,
  • study great performances in history,
  • work in sports jargon and translations,
  • watch motivational movies and videos,
  • research, review and share our own stories,
  • learn about nutrition,
  • figure out college recruitment process,
  • plan and set goals,
  • get independent with exercises systems,
  • learn of sports tech and software,
  • listen to podcasts,
  • author web pages,
  • craft concept maps,
  • establish wiki pages,
  • manage / design / create illustrations in open source ways, 
  • conduct interviews,
  • take and deploy courses at our Learning Management System with the International Swim Coaches Association and lean upon the global library:

About the author 


Coach of swimming, SKWIM and water polo in Pittsburgh and a publisher and webmaster with the International Swim Coaches Association.

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