Proposal for Citiparks and Maximilian Dennis for remote tech literacy efforts


Successful engagements with city students of all ages and abilities has happens with Coach Mark.

Swim & Water Polo at U-Prep
Lifeguards play SKWIM

Lifeguards give five after a game of SKWIM.

Swim pools are the best learning labs, my highest calling and priority. 

  • Our kids are not with many opportunities to learn to swim.
  • Our kids are not being introduced to aquatics, so few want to become lifeguards when they get older.
  • Accidental death rates due to poor judgement and skills in and around the water are crazy high.
  • Playing well with others, listening, rule-following, language coding, safety, leadership, wellness topics and other social skills put into focus with teaching, practices and competitions at the pools.
  • It is hot in the summer!
  • Both Citiparks and PPS are blessed with an abundance of seldom utilized and readily available, older facilities that can host our programs.
Swim & Water Polo at U-Prep
Swim & Water Polo at U-Prep

Educational experiences occur in other recreational settings, beyond pools.

  • All-City Sports Camp proposed.
  • Coaching track, running the Liberty Mile.
  • Art, of course.
  • Technology in many forms from WordCamps, Podcamps, Youth Tech Summits -- PUBLISHING
Swim & Water Polo at U-Prep
All City Sports Camp

Let's work together!

We have plenty of reasources, at the ready, to deploy with the students in the days, and seasons to come. As a way to focus so as to gain approval and get these enrichment activities started, two projects are presented in the tabs below. 

  • Pick your favorite.
  • Or, we can allow the students to engage in a pathway of their choice.
  • WordPress & LMS

  • Goal settng, Team Culture, Sports Psych

  • WordPress is the open source content managment system that rules the world.

  • LMS is Learning Management System, great for remote learning and instruction, a pressing need in these times.

  1. Get a user account to WordPress site.
  2. Take an optional, independent course on WordPress
  3. Take an online course about swimming.
  4. Change (edit, upload, expand) content on a web page(s).
  5. Change or add to content in a web course.
  6. Take quizzes.
  7. Make a quiz(zes).
  8. Build a lesson in a course.

Connections and Operations

Coach Mark Rauterkus can conduct surveys, interview, group meetings and lead staff discussions so as to uncover suitable projects, areas of interest and existing skills with all the participants. 

Help-desk time, each day, such as office hours, are going to be open so that the materials can be furnished to the students including manuscripts, links, user-names, passwords and expectations.

We'll create a staff and team environment that supports each other with group, online-messages.

As milestones are reached, we'll show off our projects with each other and the world, giving the efforts meaning while giving the students a sense of accomplishment.

Questions, comments, concerns are welcome

  • Leave messages in the comments below.
  • Or, call, 412-298-3432 = cell phone of Coach Mark.

About the author 


Coach of swimming, SKWIM and water polo in Pittsburgh and a publisher and webmaster with the International Swim Coaches Association.

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